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Students with Different Learning Abilities

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

"As a high school student, it took more time, effort, and dedication to be able to understand, retain, and retrieve information in comparison to my classmates. I had a friend who read a book once and was able to answer comprehension questions. I, on the other hand, had to read it multiple times to fully understand and retain the material. It was very mentally and emotionally draining. Frequently, I found myself upset and frustrated questioning why that was the case. Once I began community college, I noticed a similar pattern which contributed to my self-doubt. After expressing these concerns, I was referred to Disability Support Programs and Services (DSPS). While it was incredibly validating, I was hesitant to go through the process. I decided to take initiative and schedule an appointment. After a long and intimidating process, I was told I had a learning disability and was given various accommodation. I quickly learned strategies that helped me with each of the problem areas. Now that I have the necessary accommodations, it has leveled the playing field and allowed me to reach my full academic potential. Understanding my disability has taught me that it is not a personal problem, but rather a difference in learning. Having the information and the knowledge of such disability helped me cater to every aspect of my learning to the ways in which I learn best. This had an incredibly positive impact on my academics because I learned about the resources and environment I needed to be successful and made the changes necessary including shifting my study habits to be more effective. My test scores suddenly increased and I began to feel more confident in my academic potential. I now feel self-assured as a student and I am very thankful that the Student Disability Center (SDC) will further aid me in being successful at the University of California, Davis. This Summer, I will reach out to the Student Disability Center (SDC) to ensure I am granted the accommodations necessary as soon as I start in order to continue excelling academically".

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