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Machilitzli Community Library



Machilitzli is our Community Library dedicated to making books accessible for BIQTPOC, Womxn of Color and or Gender Expansive Folks of Color by providing a free book rental service. 

Our collection of books are curated by Quetzalcoatl Academic Support members selected specifically with Womxn of Color and or Gender Expansive Folks of Color in mind. We aim to center authors that reflect our identities and align with our mission. Furthermore, we host a variety of workshops and events as additional resources for our community members.

Machiliztli translates to sabiduria or wisdom. Learning and unlearning is a lifelong journey- one that happens both inside and outside of a traditional classroom space. We, at Quetzalcoatl Academic Support, believe in the power of learning from and with community - learning through the sacred and invaluable exercise of passing down and passing forward a wealth of experiences, dichos, y cuentos. Books serve as a vehicle for our personal and collective liberation. Through the books and reading materials provided, we aim to echo/compliment the honoring of the inner knowledge we carry through ourselves, our experiences, our elders, and our community. This acknowledgement of wisdom serves as a stepping stone into the process of freeing ourselves from deep seated colonial mentality, breaking cycles of internalized oppression and healing generations of trauma. 

How Does It Work?

  1. Check out our Book Inventory List for available reading materials

  2. Fill out our Book Rental Inquiry Form

  3. A member of our team will reach out letting you know if your book/reading material pick is available 

  4. Sign book rental agreement and payment waiver

  5. Pick up your reading material

  6. Return the reading item one month from check-out date

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